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About the project

Since 2011, our Karate Liaison Bureau has been promoting Okinawa’s traditional karate from Okinawa to the world, providing information mainly through this website and helping people so that they can train in Okinawan with karate and kobudo masters. In the fall of 2015, we have started this new project sponsored by the Bank of Okinawa “Okigin Furusato Shinko Kikin” (Okinawa Bank Hometown Promotion Grant).

This project aims at creating an open source journal (forum) introducing thesis and papers from specialists in various fields discussing and presenting views on various applications related to Okinawa karate. Papers are introduced online through tis website and will be published in a yearly report to be printed at the end of the Japanese fiscal year.

The major topics for papers are 1. Education, 2. Economics, tourism and industry, 3. Medicine, 4. Other topics.

If you wish to contribute to the Forum, contact us at introducing yourself and explaining what you propose to write about. After approval, submit your article with the following information to the same email address:

1. The article in English and / or Japanese;

2. A summary of the article (in English and or Japanese); the secretariat can take in charge of translation at no cost for the author;

3. A self-introduction of the author as well as some promotional info (links to books or websites published by the author) to be listed for free on the forum.


Important note: All articles submitted will not be paid for. However, the forum’s secretariat can take in charge for free the translation in English or Japanese of the summary provided as well as the self-introduction of the author. In case the author wishes to have his full article translated in Japanese, please contact the secretariat for more details on this matter.


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